Best Conference Proposal Award

The SMS China Special Conference will present the "Best Conference Proposal Award" to honor the best paper proposals presented at the conference. The Selection Committee will choose one winner and 2-3 runner-ups for this award based upon the following criteria:

The Selection Committee is chaired by Haiyang Li and includes the following members: Margarethe Wiersema, Eric Tsang, and Kevin Zhou. All winners will be presented with a commemorative certificate and be recognized at the closing banquet of the Conference on December 16, 2012.


“Competition-Driven Repositioning: An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese State-Owned TV Industry”

Runner up(s):

“The Evolutionary Road Towards Innovating in China: The Development of Global Innovation Capability Within MNCs”

“When Do Foreign VC Firms Syndicate With Domestic VC firms in China: A Multi-level Analysis”

“Painted With the Same Brush: Negative Reputation Spillover Among Emerging Market Firms Going Public Abroad”

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