Saturday Night Event - December 15, 2012

Pear River
Pear River
Pear River
Pear River

Pearl River Night Cruise & Dinner

During the two hour boat cruise along the Pearl River, passengers will be provided stunning night views of several charming sites whiling enjoying a buffet dinner of delicious local cuisine. The sparkling lights on both banks of the river and the moon reflecting on its waters create a magical atmosphere. Speakers will be providing a detailed introduction to the 30-odd historical and cultural sites, thus enabling you to sample a brief taste of the colorful local culture.

Pearl River

At 2,214 kilometers (about 1,376 miles) long, the Pearl River is the third largest river in China and the largest one in Guangzhou. The river contains a stone island resembling a huge pearl, polished by the constantly-flowing water of the river. Spanning eight provinces, the river is composed of four river systems including the West River, North River, East River and Liuxi River. The four river systems converge in Guangzhou and flow into the South China Sea.

Pearl River Sites

Historical sites and unique architecture scattered along the river are numerous and are a good reflection of the Guangzhou culture. For more information on the sites that can be seen during the cruise, please click here.

  1. Canton Tower

    This year, the Pearl River Cruise Company includes a new cruise route to Haixinsha Island, which takes you to see amazing nightviews of Canton Tower, regarded as the highest TV tower in the world and a new landmark of Guangzhou.

  2. White Goose Pool (Bai'ertan)

    Regarded as one of the eight famous attractions in Guangzhou, White Goose Pool (Bai'ertan) is the cross area of Liwan, Haizhu and Fangcun district. The White Swan Hotel, Fangcun flower market and the lights of the cross-river bridges create a beautiful sight.

  3. Shamian Island

    With extensive historical background, the architecture on Shamian Island is filled with European characteristics. There are more than 150 architectural sites on the island, 42 of them are extrusive with features of neo-baroque, Gothic, neo-classic and colonial style. The main architectural sites on the island are consulates, churches, banks, post offices, telegraph offices, businesses, hospitals, and hotels.

  4. Aiqun Hotel

    Aiqun Hotel, also named as Aiqun Mansion, is a typical Qilou of Western style. It was built in 1934 with 15 floors of 210 feet (64 meters). It was the highest building in China at that time.

  5. Xinghai Concert Hall

    Located on Ersha Island, Xinghai Concert Hall is a modern construction with a unique appearance, like a swan by the side of the river. It has a concert hall which can hold 1500 persons inside.

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