Vision Statement

The intent is for the SEJ to be a Class A journal. To that end it will be double blind reviewed by an editorial board of important peer scholars working in the domain of the journal, and led by Co-Editors and Associate Editors experienced in the operation of top scholarly journals. These editors will be advised by a Senior Advisory Board, who together, will establish the on-going policies governing the SEJ’s review process, content and quality standards, which will be based on scientific method, relevant theory, tested or testable propositions, and appropriate data and evidence, all replicable by others, and all representing original contributions. Where deemed appropriate and necessary, data will be archived by the journal and held in storage for use by others.

For the purposes of the SEJ, entrepreneurship has special meaning, and means much more than the acts of entrepreneurs. Strategic entrepreneurship starts with imagination and insight that lead to inventions that are deemed innovations of societal import. While starting a business is important, starting any organization that makes a difference to society embodies the notion of strategic entrepreneurship most attractive to the SEJ.

Such inventions and innovations can be done by many, or by one, but the extent of their impact defines their importance and significance to society. What makes entrepreneurship strategic is adding value to society, i.e., changing societal life in ways that have significant, sustainable, and durable consequence.

Innovations lead to change, transformation in organizations, which invent them, and benefits to the organizations and individuals that use innovations. The changes are significant, usually complicated in nature, especially to understand and manage, and often are revolutionary in impact.

The SEJ is international in scope. It acknowledges the importance of research conducted in all regions of the world, as such research leads to better understanding of the unique efforts of specific institutional and cultural contexts on strategic entrepreneurship. While research that adds universal value without limitations of geographic boundaries is of special interest, we expect authors to acknowledge any efforts unique to particular international, institution, cultural or physical environments.

The SEJ envisions publishing material that deals with a number of themes, click here to learn more.